Major Problems Facing Today's Business

  • 9% of business revenue is lost as a result of poor CM practices
  • 70% of failed projects are contributed to poor CM practices
  • CM administration costs are significant and resulting in inadequate performance

How CMBISoftware Overcomes Today's Business Obstacles 

  1. unifies business organizations through an integrated CM system
  2. Provides early warning and predictability modeling
  3. Compliments the Government's demand for robust CM controls
  4. Increases operating income and reduces profit leakage
  5. Address CPSR (audit) and Federal Acquisition Regulation compliance
  6. Relevant Reporting that makes a difference
  7. Reduces CM Administration and increases efficiency
  8. Integrates core business systems

  • Measures Contract Management (CM) performance at an organization level
  • CPSR compliant (addressing all 24 DFARS requirements)
  • FAR Collaborator  (best Federal Acquisition Regulation tool in the market today by FAR)
  • Provides predictability modeling across core CM functional areas
  • Improves Government evaluation scores
  • Reduces CM Total Cost of Ownership
  • Single integrated CM tool
  • Incredibly powerful and intelligent
  • Easy to use  and just make sense!


far collaborator

Is a revolutionary Federal Acquisition Regulation CM tool that integrates FAR requirements into CMBI Software


Contract Management Intelligently

CMBI Software

Is the leading CM tool for Contract Management performance, analytics, predictability modeling and reporting  

Revolutionizing the future of Contract Management

​CM as a service

Provides high quality - low cost CM Administration that significantly drives down CM Total Cost of Ownership through standardized practices and protocols  

intregrating Contract management seamlessly into the business organization

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