The  Contract Management (CM) organizational performance software

CMBI Software©  seamlessly addresses fourteen (14) core CM functional components across sales, contracts, subcontracts and project management organizational platforms. 

Seamless CM Organizational Integration

​​​​​CMBI Software Benefits:

  • Supports:  (a) Contract Management, (b) Subcontract Management, (c) Project Management, and (d) Sales Organizations
  • 60 plus (point and click) standardized reports in ONE integrated tool.
  • ​​Live (at a glance) Dashboard identifying upcoming requirement due dates
  • Early warning notifications across a spectrum of CM functions
  • Addresses all 24 CPSR compliance requirements and more
  • Includes our proprietary (one of a kind) FAR Collaborator which addresses FAR requirements across all contracts and organizations
  • Provides meaningful Contract Management Business Intelligence (CMBI)
  • Detailed analytics, predicative modeling for improved business decision making
  • Manages at both parent/child contract levels
  • Agile, easy to use, and accommodates any organizational structure
  • Enhances Management Controls leading to:
  1.       Improved Government evaluation scores
  2.      Greater support of CPSR and regulatory audits
  3.      Significantly reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)