​                         ABIZ CORPORATION
ABiz Corporation is a premier contract management company that leverages a shared services model to provide cost effective and secure end-to-end contracting solutions for its clients.  ABiz Corporation has operations located in the U.S. and India.     www.abizcon.com

ContractSifter uses artificial intelligence to help people read contracts faster and adds a second set of eyes to avoid missing important terms and conditions.  It also helps teams organize all of their contract data.

The word on the street

“CMBI Software is a must have for small and medium sized firms who want to do business with the Government.  The integrated view into a company’s Contract Management performance is practical and highly intelligent.   The dashboard reporting is exactly what contract and account management have been looking for to more effectively and intelligently manage their contracts.  The Contract Purchasing System Review (CPSR) module is a needed innovative approach to managing vendor selection.  Lastly, the FAR Collaborator is simply the best FAR tool I have seen in the market.”

​J. Scott Nicholls  Blue Aqua Consulting, LLC

​Principal Owner